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The information requested is no different from that requested by other online brokers. The process of opening a trading account with Itrader is simple, fast and secure. You will need to complete a form from their website with the basic details and choosing the type of account you want to open. At Itrader you will have the possibility to invest in 48 Forex currency pairs, commodities, CFDs on stock indexes and commodities. In addition to shares in the United States, Europe and Australia, you will be able to invest in Bitcoins. Had a trade issue today regarding an International share offer, I was confused regarding the wording and execution of the purchase also the fact of it being in Australian currency .

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2023 OneUp Trader Review • Prop Trading.

Posted: Fri, 17 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It would be good to able to participate in the monthly 29.99 online stock investing site without having to pay for a costly training as well. Especially for those who have taken the training and choose not to pay for the additional training offered at the end of the first training sessions. I was told that if I could not attend the next scheduled training that I should work with customer support to get registered for a course that worked for my schedule.

Apart from all this, they offer Daily Market Analysis but unfortunately, the last video was 3 days old at the time of writing. Not really, the FCA has specifically banned this broker from offering their services within the UK. If you believe that your broker has wronged you and you want your deposit back, our dedicated team of professionals can help you now. Our iTrader review shows that the broker and its parent company have run afoul of many of CySEC’s regulations in the past few years and that this has finally caught up with them.

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It seems that something is off with this and iTrader isn’t being transparent about it. Overall, clients will gain access to five asset types which is a good introductory number, and is enough to create a diverse portfolio. In March 2019, CySEC reached a settlement with Hoch Capital Ltd. where the firm made a $20,000 settlement regarding a compliance investigation the Cypriot regulator had begun. Though the details were not made public, they were surrounding the information it was giving to clients, as well as the general conduct of its investment activities. The shine and ribbons on the website could be misleading for newer investors. In favour of the broker, it mentioned that it has sales experience, which comes through, slightly, we suppose.

You can work with them, I was convinced from my own experience. And about scam allegations… well, they have been fined by CySEC in the past, so I can see where those complaints are coming from. Let’s just hope this broker decides to do a better job in the future. Also, I have to mention that we cannot verify any of these online complaints, so take them with a pinch of salt.

Global.ITRADER User Experience then let CySEC know, who then took the decision to suspend its license for one month until it undertook some corrective measures. If these measures are not followed, the broker will face possible fines and/or the revocation of its license. Platform crashes frequently & takes forever to get a human on the phone. Not worth the frustration with so many decent brokerages out there.

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I think this is one of the few on-line itrader review that you can trust. I opened an account recently with £250 and then found I had to live in France for some time without good internet access so wanted to close my account. The whole process was performed with the minimum of fuss and I received a refund of the £250 within 3 days. We can mention, though, the Education Center, providing some basic information about trading. What the company claims to be advanced knowledge is intermediate and there is nothing for advanced traders. At the same time, all the information provided is already available for free on Youtube and various industry websites.


This is very competitive, but it comes at the cost of putting down a massive initial deposit. Seven courses are available, and each course occupies several sections. At first glance, this appears to be great educational content with a well-thought-out concept. Unfortunately, we were hardly surprised to see that the pages didn’t return any real content. Research is provided in-house, but from the very start, the lack of professionalism and attention to detail is evident.

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Hedge Fund Trader Sanjay Shah Loses Cum-Ex Extradition Fight.

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The company had been operating on a global scale while bearing the official designation of a Cyprus firm in an attempt to evade stringent investor protections. ITRADER initiates a margin call when the equity margin level reaches 50% in retail accounts which is lowered to 15% in professional accounts. Four eBooks are offered and the first two are surprisingly in-depth and consist of 78 and 94 pages respectively. Unfortunately, the last two which are only 10 and 8 pages long and can hardly be considered educational content. Numerous traders employ calculators, primarily to help with risk management.

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No mention is made, on their website, about how they are transferred to clients; this represents a significant oversight. Swap rates are noted, and it is therefore expected that positive as well as negative swap rates are passed onto traders. ITRADER is a market maker and generates most of its income from losses of its clients where this broker acts as their counterparty. Spreads, the difference between the bid and ask prices, also provide this broker with income. It should be noted some banks use intermediary banks that charge fees, which is the client’s responsibility.


In August 2019, iTrader’s owner was summoned to a pre-indictment hearing in Israel. The Taxation and Economics Prosecutor’s Office suspected the broker of misleading clients, again, and exploiting customer’s inexperience with binary’s options, pressuring them to invest. ITrader is a newer broker which doesn’t help create a good impression on first glance; it’s website has a bit too much glitter, and contains too little substance, for traders trying to consider their options. Trader is the brand name that represents Hoch Capital LTD, an investment firm based in Cyprus. In June 2020, the broker CySEC license was suspended due to local violations in the UK, which we will discuss more soon.

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A Itrader payment method is required to fund your Itrader trading account before placing a buy or sell order on a financial instrument. GBP, USD, EURO are supported by Itrader as account base currencies. However, in each country, only two or three account base currencies are accessible, usually the local currency plus USD.

As of this update ITrader is no longer considered a regulated broker. Should you decide to continue your search for the most suitable forex broker for you, other considerations might be IG, eToro, and/or Interactive Brokers. Traders can also take seven courses, each of which has several sections. While at first this all seems legit, what’s offered is not good content.

The first three returned blank pages at the time of this ITRADER review, the latter appears to be a brand-new addition started on November 11th 2019 and is updated daily, but none of the videos are playing. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated research section which suggests this is not something taken seriously by ITRADER. On the plus side, a good commodities selection offers a combination of hard and soft commodities with all major metals available.

  • We are sorry to hear that as we are trying to provide our clients with the best professional service.
  • In the case of the credit card, an image of both sides must be sent by e-mail.
  • Even before their FCA ban, the broker had faced corrective actions from CySEC.
  • There are sixteen pages completed with articles addressing topics in financial markets.

This means that iTrader essentially creates its own rates and pricing. This is fishy because it indicates that they’re likely a market maker. First is the fact that Hoch Capital, owner of the iTrade brand, is owned by a parent company in Belize called Bayline Trading Limited. This is important since Bayline itself isn’t licensed in CySEC, only Hoch. In other words, the parent company isn’t licensed to do business in Europe. That said, while this is a red flag, we’d like to point out a few other concerns before concluding that Itrader falls completely into the full-blown scam category.

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STAY AWAY from this company if you don’t want to loose your money. Everything sounds very unreliable and they just want to take your money. After a quick google, I found a lot of suspiciously good looking reviews.. And it seems to me that that Russian review bots are at work here… Immediately after I opened an account I started to get unsolicited calls from callers with a Russian accent based on “Cyprus”. Since than I’ve been getting calls after calls and this morning I got call from one of the staffs from 020 number who asked me if I made account?